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We are a leading provider of dental care in Central Indiana. We understand the importance of high quality dental and oral hygiene care and are committed to providing you that care in a pleasant, comfortable and gentle environment.

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What our patients are saying

  • It was a friendly, easy and comfortable appointment! Normally I hate to go the dentist, but after this appointment, I do believe I will not have anything to worry about. The receptionist, dental assistant and dentist were the best! I enjoyed talking with them and felt at ease the whole time. The dentist gave me detailed information about what we will focus on in the next few months to correct some problems I have. He was very professional.

    Penelope B.

  • Well done cleaning and thorough exam. If you fear the dentist chair, this is the place for you!

    Mark T.

  • Friendly and professional. I will never go to another dentist office! They are so kind to me while also always remaining professional. They advise me on my dental care with a focus on my needs. They let me know the price before performing anything, which I greatly appreciate! They have amazing technology and my teeth have never looked better after even a simple cleaning!

    Kate M.

  • They were friendly, courteous, and thorough. Answered all my questions. Made sure I was thoroughly informed. They live up to their name; they're always very gentle.

    Tim D.

  • Awesome team! My son usually has an apprehension about going to the dentist. But our experience at Gentle Dentist was so wonderful; I do not think there will be any problem getting him to go back! Thanks so much for treating him so kindly!

    Christina R.

  • Wonderful, friendly staff. Quick and on time with appointments.

    Jill W.

  • Friendly and gentle. I appreciated the calmness that I heard in their voices. They brought me a blanket, gave me time to adjust. I really felt like they cared for me.

    Noelle L.

  • Great people! I don't like going to the dentist, but since I have to, there'd be no other place I'd go.

    Bob C.

  • Everyone in the office was so personable, friendly and true to the name "Gentle." This was my initial visit and I'm glad to have made the change! I feel like I'm or "my mouth" is in good hands!

    Erin A.

  • I love the staff here! My 9 year-old was afraid of the dentist, but they worked with him and made him feel better. Such a friendly atmosphere.


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