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Are Sippy Cups and Bottled Water Causing Your Child’s Oral Health Problems?

As babies and toddlers learn how to hold stuff on their own, parents become used to letting them drink their juices, milk, and water from a sippy cup. Sometimes, they hand bottled water directly to their children, allowing the child to quench his or her thirst from the bottle after playing. Unknown to many, doing this may hurt children’s dental health. Before you visit your pediatric dentist in Indianapolis, here are a few things you need to know about sippy cups and water bottles;

Bottled Water and Tooth Decay

Many organizations are concerned about the use of plastic water bottles in the United States. One of the problems is its impact on the environment, and advocates found an ally in dentists. Dentists also believe the use of bottled water is bad for teeth in general, especially for children.

Why do dentists partially blame bottled water for children’s dental health problems? For one, bottled water contains little to no fluoride because the filtration process removes it and other minerals from the water. Bottling companies typically use reverse osmosis and distillation to purify water from sediments and impurities. Fluoride, together with other minerals, is known to strengthen the teeth, helping prevent tooth decay. While research on the link between bottled water and tooth decay is not conclusive, dentists recommend that parents invest in water filters and reusable bottles, instead.

Sippy Cups and Teeth Alignment

Sure, sippy cups are convenient to use and teach children to start holding things by themselves. However, like the excessive use of baby bottles, being hooked on sippy cups contribute to dental caries. How? Sippy cups contain sugary drinks, with which children are bathing six of their upper front teeth. Moreover, a sippy cup may hinder the proper tongue, lip, and jaw movements required to drink from a regular cup, thus affecting a child’s oral and motor development. Thirdly, it has an impact on tooth alignment and speech development.

Are you into the habit of letting your child drink from a sippy cup or bottled water, and worried that he or she might be suffering from a dental problem? Gentle Dentist helps your child achieve optimal oral health. We recommend that you bring your child to the practice regularly so our dentists can check for early signs of an oral health problem.


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