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Call Tooth fairy: Baby’s Milk Teeth May Detect Autism, Cure Diabetes

As a child, you may remember keeping your teeth under your pillows for a small payment from the Tooth Fairy. Now that you’re old, however, there are still reasons to teach your child to care for and store their milk teeth. According to studies, banking a baby’s teeth can help save his or her life or improve that of other kids’.

Autism Detection

The UT Health San Antonio launched a research called the Autism Tooth Fairy study that aims to look at babies’ milk teeth to determine the cause of autism.

The research studies process the teeth in a lab and match the results with a database that lets them know which chemicals the teeth contain. They then compare the results with teeth from kids without developmental disorders. Researcher Ray Palmer points out that as babies’ teeth form while inside the womb, these can indicate the chemicals children with autism have been exposed to while they were in the uterus.

Stem Cell for Diabetes

Researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina, meanwhile, examined the stem cells found in baby teeth and discovered that it has the potential to cure a host of diseases including Type 1 diabetes.

Stem cells in baby teeth also have the potential to grow replacement tissue, and with the right chemical combination, it’s possible to expand them and grow as many as needed. This can help save the child’s life when they need a regenerative tissue procedure some years later for surgery or organ replacement. Parents only need to keep the teeth healthy and fresh through a special way of harvesting and storage.

If you intend to keep baby’s teeth for future testing or simply for sentimental reasons, it helps if they are in best shape. Gentle Dentist’s reliable pediatric dentist in Indianapolis can help your baby own healthy teeth. True to our name, our team of gentle dentists will help your child make a habit out of proper oral care so he or she can enjoy a healthy mouth for a lifetime.

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