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Dental Implant Success: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

The introduction of dental implants, which are surgically positioned posts that replace missing teeth, gave people an opportunity to get their toothy smiles back. It doesn’t come loose like a denture can, as well, so it’s easier to have.

Patients should know, however, that before they get can have a full set of teeth again, they have to undergo a rigorous procedure. If you are planning to get dental implants in Indianapolis soon, count on Gentle Dentist for help. You can also be prepared for three things to make it a success:

Lengthy Procedure

Be prepared to visit your dentist a couple of times before completing your dental implant procedure. Unlike dental crowns, Dental implants in are not a one-time surgery; it entails a multi-step process that spans between a few weeks to nine months.

The process is lengthy because your jawbone and mouth must adjust to withstand your implants for a long time.

Bone Grafting

A soft jawbone will not be able to support a dental implant in the long term. So, you must have an adequate bone density in your jaw to qualify for a dental implant. If your dentist determines that you don’t have a thick enough jawbone, you might have to undergo bone grafting.

Bone grafting strengthens your jaw by borrowing bone from another source of your body or using an artificial bone material. The procedure itself may take days or months to complete since your jaw will need ample time to regrow bone mass.

Maintain Excellent Oral Care

Your dentist will tell you to maintain excellent dental health, so your gums will be able to accept the implants. Moreover, you need to follow special instructions before the surgery. This includes eating a healthy breakfast and using a special anti-bacterial mouthwash days before the procedure.

Dental implants require you to follow your dentist’s instructions to ensure its success. If you have more questions about dental implants, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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