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How Poor Oral Health Can Affect Your Routine

Taking a second or two to assess your oral health is essential. It allows you to determine the areas you have to pay more attention to, as well as give you an idea when it’s a good time to visit your dentist. After all, it pays to have healthy teeth and gums.

On the other hand, poor oral health isn’t just a painful inconvenience; it’s a hindrance to your lifestyle and can severely affect how you function as a person. Poor oral health derails your daily activities, and that’s why our dentists in Indianapolis are ready to help you understand and address your oral health problems.

Potential Lifestyle Difficulties

When you pay special attention to your oral health, you can reduce your risk for dental health problems like gingivitis, halitosis, tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, and cavities.  Each condition can affect your daily life in different degrees.

For example, tooth sensitivity can prevent you from enjoying a cool drink or sweet treat at a picnic while halitosis could prevent you from participating in company events and decrease your chances for a promotion.

Poor oral health can also have serious complications. Studies show that 57% of halitosis sufferers experience depression because of their current condition, directly affecting their socialization skills.

Experts also found that poor oral health could be counterproductive for both students and employees. Children with poor oral health had more absences than their peers. Employed adults, on the other hand, spend 164 million work hours every year for their dental appointments.

Clearly, awareness of your dental health is crucial to every facet of your life.

A Significant Health Risk

Another reason for you to be more attentive to your oral health is to prevent other health problems from developing.

A recent study shows that periodontal infections have links to respiratory disease. Bacteria from gums can potentially enter the lungs and cause different types of pneumonia (e.g. bacterial, viral, and mycoplasma).

Gum problems can also cause cardiovascular disease, in the same way that these cause respiratory problems. Periodontal bacteria can enter your bloodstream and potentially cause heart trouble.

That’s why taking care of your oral health should not be overlooked. Brushing your teeth thrice a day, flossing, using mouthwash, and visiting our clinics are the best ways for you to maintain good oral health.

Think of it this way: An ounce of prevention is a better than a pound of cure.

Achieving Optimal Dental Health

Here at Gentle Dentist, we provide the kind of dental care that no other dental practice in Indianapolis can offer. We provide a range of services and treatments, with a gentle hand and extensive knowledge of oral care methods. From tooth extractions and dental implants to root canals and teeth whitening, we are a one-stop shop for all your oral health needs.

We use innovative equipment allows us to diagnose and treat any oral health issue with unmatched accuracy and skill.

We guarantee two things here at Gentle Dentist: comfort and a better smile.

Contact us today.

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