Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Indiana

A weak and fractured tooth may need a dental crown to ensure its stability and function. Made of white, porcelain-like fillings, dental crowns are cosmetic dental treatments that improve a tooth’s appearance, shape, or alignment. Usually, dental crowns also cover a damaged tooth or a dental implant.

Indiana Gentle Dentist offers dental crowns in Indianapolis. Our dentists may recommend a dental crown, especially if the patient has a dental bridge, discolored tooth, or an uncovered root canal treatment. Apart from improving the teeth’s overall function, dental crowns also contribute to a beautiful, healthier smile.


Dental Crowns for Diverse Dental Needs

We are a trusted dental practice that provides quality dental care with a gentle touch. Whether you have a fractured tooth, a dental bridge or a dental implant that needs improvement, we will provide safe and long-lasting dental crowns for you.

Our dental crowns are safe and ensure durability over time. Before providing a crown treatment, we closely diagnose our patient’s dental issue and concerns. By doing this, we can assure their comfort and satisfaction during and after the procedure. In some cases, anesthesia may be required to prevent any pain. There’s no need to worry because oral sedation is a common dental procedure, which we have administered many times.


Ensuring Your Comfort

We make sure that our patients will feel comfortable in our office by following a collaborative approach. The relationship of the dentist and the patient is very important to us, which is why we closely listen to their concerns and needs.

To assure the effectiveness of our treatments, Indiana Gentle Dentist uses advanced dental techniques and technologies. We constantly upgrade our facilities to satisfy our patients’ needs.

If you’re in need of a dental crown in Indianapolis, call us and schedule a consultation today.