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Overall my experience was good. I had my first ever cavity filling today and have never had a local anesthetic before. There wasn’t much education or forewarning on what I might feel as they were numbing me. After the injections, I began feeling very drowsy and lightheaded/heavy eyes and my heart felt like it was racing. No one was in the room with me while they let the injection take effect so I felt a bit panicky and had to holler for someone to come so I could ask if this was a normal side effect, which apparantly it isn’t. That feeling of like I was going to pass out or go to sleep did pass after a few minutes, but then I was just left feeling like I couldn’t swallow or talk, which I’m told is a bit more normal. But my point being, prior to any of the numbing process starting, it would’ve nice to have been told what to expect prior so it didn’t feel so scary when all these things started happening. Overall though, nice staff and the dental hygienist and dentist were very kind and nice.

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