Gentle Dentist Eagle Creek – Emily Arnold-White

I have been going to Gentle Dentist for my dental needs for YEARS! But today’s visit went exceptionally well! A new dental assistant by the name of Lynn did my teeth cleaning. She was actually at that particular location for the first time from the Avon location. All I can say is that I have never met her before, but our conversation (as much as I could respond) was as if we were family and I could really relate to a lot that she shared with me. I have never had such an experience before while getting my teeth cleaned. She was incredible and she cleaned my teeth with much care. I actually left there in tears, but extremely happy and satisfied with my unique and satisfying experience. All the staff there are great, but Lynn…exceptionally OUTSTANDING!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GENTLE DENTIST/Eagle Creek location.

Today…OMGSH…I’m almost at a loss for words! New staff (DJ & Dr. Michael)…THE TESTOSTERONE, THOUGH!!! I’ve never seen any men working at Gentle Dentist, and I’ve been going there for MANY years. Today (11/09/2022) my experience was A-MAZE-ING!!! DJ was kind, adorable and kept me aware of what he was doing or going to do. He used a different technique during my cleaning process and it was absolutely exhilarating!!! And then Dr. Michael came in to check out my teeth and he was OUTSTANDING and very kind as well, and they are BOTH easy on the eye as well as my mouth! My teeth are very clean and happy! I had my doubts initially, but when it was all said and done…WOWZY WOWZER!!! (So much for being at a loss for words, huh?)

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