Dr. Russell Staggs

Dr. Russell Staggs resides in New Palestine with his wife and two
children. Growing up in upstate New York, Dr Staggs was a
transplanted Hoosier. His Parents & Grandparents were from Indiana.
Indiana University was alma mater of his father, Stephen D Staggs IU
1959 & IUSD DDS 1962. Dr Staggs followed in his father\’s footsteps,
a mere 36 years later. At Indiana University School of Dentistry, Dr
Staggs met his bride, Sharon Paluga Staggs DDS \’96. Following
graduation from IU School of Dentistry in 1998, Dr Staggs spent a
year in an Inner-city clinic. Citizens’ Health Center, located at
16th & College in Downtown Indianapolis, was a great resource of
dental training and care. It was an opportunity to give back to the
community and learn the essentials of patient care. The following
years have been spent is private practice. Dr Staggs worked at the
Greensburg Gentle Dentist for 10 years and now has a private practice
in Morristown, IN. There has been an ongoing relationship with
Gentle Dentist since 2001. Dr Staggs is a member of the American
Dental Association(ADA.org), Academy of General Dentistry(AGD.org),
Indiana Dental Association(INDental.org) & the Indianapolis District
Dental Society(IndyDentalSociety.org).

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